InternetRetailing Expo ASEAN has been launched due to the tremendous growth of the affluent class and of the digital connected consumers, which makes it more important than ever for brands and retailers to solidify their presence, online and offline.

ASEAN countries has all the ingredients of an online market that is ready for take-off! Internet retailing has started to grow significantly in some countries in Asia which our event plans to help retailers along their online journey. 

InternetRetailing Expo Asean is split into a comprehensive conference and a vibrant exhibition, focusing on both learning and the evaluation of technologies, products and services. We believe this is a very powerful combination and will ready retailers in their purchasing decisions. The event will start with a plenary session and then move into two sessions on the exhibition floor.

With plenty of presentations and interactive features happening right on the show floor, amongst the latest technology from our exhibitors, you can keep yourself busy around the exhibition. Simply register for a free visitor pass to access the exhibition floor.

BUT. . .

If you are serious about transforming your retailing business with the latest ecommerce insights, you need to attend the main conference sessions. Purchase your conference pass HERE. 

Leading experts from across Asean will share in depth case studies, and offer step by step guides to:

• Managing multi-channel marketing campaigns 

• What we really mean by omni-channel and how many retailers are making this a reality

• Managing customer interactions with your brand across multiple devices

• Mobile payment and safe transactions

• Delivery logistics with the difficulties of having as many islands as Indonesia!

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The conference in 2017 will feature 3 streams to cover more of the pressing issues in today's internet retailing market. Topics include:


The Connected Store of the Future - Mobile Commerce Strategy: 

The Connected Store of the future is designed to illuminate the most ground-breaking retail technologies and mobile commerce strategies that are driving the digital store, so retailers can get smarter about the way to help shoppers feel connected in multiple retail spaces and online places! In this feature, the retailers can have all the vital information needed to run business and make smart, data driven decisions with a real time view of how business is performing and more control over its direction.

Mobile Payments Solutions: 

The variety, capabilities and sales-effectiveness of the rapidly-developing mobile payments scene offer new opportunities for retailers. We draw out the variety and commercial relevance of a broad swathe of new and enhanced areas, showing how even the most mature elements of your multichannel landscape can offer new opportunities to grow your business’ scale and profitability. In the Digital Payments Theatre the topic becomes commercial and strategic – take advantage of these ready-to-deploy options before your competitors do!

Insight Experience - Mobile Commerce Growth: 

The digital revolution has precipitated a massive shift in retail, resulting in the growth of e-commerce and mobile commerce. Customers now have the freedom to shop from the comfort of their home with a phone, laptop, tablet and other devices. Insight and Experience will explore the best practice to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds for a seamless and memorable customer experience.

Multichannel Operations and Fulfilment: 

Delivery is one of the most important parts of the multichannel process and a challenge for retailers to get it right and keep customers happy. The anytime anywhere customer knows what she wants and expects a range of delivery options to choose from. Find out how retailers can manage the operational challenges to ensure speedy delivery and collection in the Multichannel Fulfilment Conference.

Digital Sales and Marketing Conference: 

Mobile Digital Marketing is increasingly complex but retailers keen to gain the competitive edge are realising that getting to grips with digital can offer more opportunity to reach customers and deliver results. How can you use digital to shape a customer-centric culture, deliver more compelling customer experiences and use data, journey mapping and personalisation to create campaigns and drive behavioural change? Find out at the Digital Sales and Marketing Conference.

Digital Merchandising: 

It is designed for retailers who want to connect with the customer online to win new business, with a focus on converting customers and boosting online sales. Driving a seamless customer experience across customer touch points is an absolute imperative for retailers keen to win business from the ‘on the go’ consumer. Getting to grips with the omnichannel customer journey and how to use merchandising to engage and convert is key to defining metrics for success.

If you would like to get involved as a speaker for the InternetRetailing Expo ASEAN 2017, please contact us:

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